Regnum Construction

The traditional rebar connection techniques, such as overlapping or welding to overcome the technical difficulties which are encountered in the construction sector gradually, cannot meet the needs. With more successful structural integrity, the couplerd joint system product with high technology gives speed and competence to your projects while it reduces the cost.


It is the connection of the steel rebar in the concrete of the reinforced concrete constructions. Regnum presents optimum solutions by carrying out the demanded anchorage threading in-place with the high technological mobile equipment sent to your site with no extra rebar logistic cost.


The rebars are not appropriate steel bars for gear-opening with the ribs out of standards as its structure. Regnum provides service opportunity to the rebars in the cold-headed parallel gear system processes which are the main techniques accepted in the international area.


It develops solutions for the “custom design” products demanded in the projects with the experienced engineering staff in addition to the carrying systems, concrete armatures, brick channel systems, scaffold systems etc. in its product range

Who are we

Regnum Construction® is a construction company which presents engineering solutions to the construction sector in the manufacturing and servicing fields. Regnum is particularly specialized in rebar coupler, rebar connections, anchorages, ground equipment, and technological construction elements. Having expert engineers and technicians within the scope of its own field, Regnum presents the engineering solutions to the construction sector with the conception of continuous improvement and high quality.

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